Wednesday, 24 April 2013

12wbt Round 2, Pre-season wk1

I joined two weeks into preseason but took no time in catching up on weekly tasks. My first day in, and I got up- after a 25 min argument with myself, and went for a walk/jog.
Have I mentioned how I hate the cold?
I hate the cold.
I loathe the cold.
I wore a pair of leggings with track pants over the top of them, a long sleeved shirt, with t-shirt over the top, a warm fleecy zipped jacket that zips right up the neck, warm gloves and beanie. It was only 12 degrees celsius, it's going to get much, much, much, colder....
After 200m of jogging I was hot! I love to sweat :-)

Because I took so long arguing with myself I only had half an hour to train before I had to get ready for work.
The next day, my daughter had asked to join me, she takes longer to get ready than me, we still only had half an hour to train even though my 'self-arguing' only last 15 mins, not 25.

The next day, I had had a sleeplessness night and although I was awake enough at 4am to train, I knew my students probably wouldn't appreciate my mood by the afternoon. When my alarm went I had only been asleep for an hour since 3.30am. I decided that this day was my one day off training for the week.

Today, ANZAC Day, I got up an hour an a half later, went for my jog, went faster and for longer stints of jogging than previously, but not as far. I knew my speed was improving but came home disappointed in my distance and few calories burned. However, I am happy that I was taking longer strides and ran, not just jogged. I managed one stint of 600m, before walking for 600m.

Tomorrow I will do better, further and faster.

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