Thursday, 25 April 2013

wk4 preseason task- say it out loud!

I commit to training to complete a marathon in 12 months time. I commit to running in a fun run in 6 months time, if not earlier. I commit to losing 17 kilos by week 12. I commit to getting fit and firm by week 12.
I am going to achieve this by getting up at 5.30am on work mornings and 6.30am on other days. I commit to getting up, getting my shoes on and getting out the door. I am going to achieve this by drinking at least 2 litres of water a day, eating nutritious food of sensible portion sizes. I am going to achieve this by working up a sweat and pushing myself even when I don't think I can do anymore, just to go that little bit further, that little bit faster, that little bit longer.
I am going to reward myself by having my nails done when I can run 2kms in one go, getting a new hair do and facial when I can run 3 kms in one go, having a fit, strong,firm, slim and healthy body and a new black dress for my 40th, skydiving after my fun run and visiting my best friend in Darwin after my marathon.

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