Friday, 26 April 2013

Feeling fitter, although not fit

My morning exercise regime is getting there...slowly.
Up even earlier yesterday as I had some early commitments for work. I ran further and faster than I had in one stint before! Almost a whole kilometre!
I also walked for more of my training than usual after my running stint. Again, I still had not allowed myself enough time.
I like being out in the dark in the mornings. Not sure why. There is some movement from others , but not much. It's peaceful. Or should I say usually peaceful ......
I saw a dead chook on the road! Yes, a chook!!! I had to strain my eyes to be sure. It was definitely a what the...?.. moment.  I kept going.

About 200 metres further in I heard a panicked " Bok, Bok, Bok, Bok,Bok!" And jumped!
Running straight towards me was a white chook , being chased by a small black dog!!
What on earth was going on?!?
What's with all the dead and dying chooks?!!?.
I , of course, told the dog off who ran back home, and the chook took off across the road- running straight past me.
This was one crazy exercise session!
Wonder what I'll see tomorrow morning ?